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Afghan Women's Network


Civil Voice for Peace09/21/2016

 Advocacy Committee’’ Civil Voice for Peace’’

 Supporters: AWN, SDO, AWEVSO, AWSDC, RBO, THRA, WBRAO, WBCDO, WHDO, WPSO, AIPDO, MoWA, WCLRF, NAWA, and Administration Affairs of GoIRA– Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate – Women Affairs Department.

Certifiers; Participants participating in celebration of global peace days

Subject; Global Peace day’s [--]read more

the empowerment of Women and the role of women in the Afghan society05/21/2016

On date 21 May 2016 a Joint Symposium of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the kingdom of Norway and the United States of America held under name of “the empowerment of Women and the role of women in the Afghan society” at the presidential palace of Afghanistan. In this symposium the efforts were to discuss Achievements, and challenges on the head of Afghan Government in relation to Women’s empowerment and recommendations disc [--]read more

Introduction to International Women’s Day (8 March)03/08/2016

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements across the nations from the political, cultural, and economic to the social arenas – while calling for gender equality and acquiring women’s legal rights. The messages given at these events focus on various themes similarly AWN annually celebrates International women’s Day under particular theme reflecting the li [--]read more

Afghan Women’s Network General Assembly Election03/02/2016

Afghan Women’s Network conducted its general assembly on 2nd March 2016. The session was initiated with welcoming speech of Ms. Hasina Safi, AWN’s executive director and defined an over view of the network and recent updated information accomplished during the past two years (February, 2014 – February, 2016). Her presentation was prepared based on institutional development and AWN’s strategic focus areas 1) Women&rs [--]read more

Global uprising of One Billion Rising (OBR) on Violence against Women02/14/2016

!Justice for Farkhunda, Justice for All

(Venue: Ministry of Women Affair (Zainab Hall

Background about One Billion Rising

“One in three women in the globe beaten or raped in her lifetime; [--]read more

Presenting the implementation of CEDAW 2nd shadow report in Afghanistan by Afghan Women’s Network (AWN)12/29/2015


Date 29,Dec 2015 AWN organized a conference for under title  of  Presenting the implementation of CEDAW 2nd shadow report in Afghanistan for the year 2014 , CEDAW reprot is preparing once in four years and mostly circullating on women’s related affaris discussed the finding, challeges and issues related to women in Afghanistan.  [--]read more

Consultative Conference on the Draft of Reconciliation in Civil Disputes law08/11/2015

I.  Summary:  
AWN  Advocacy  &  legal  Departments  held  a  consultative  conference  on  the  draft  of Reconciliation  in  Civil  Disputes  Law  in  Kabul.  This  conference was  held with  coordination  of [--]read more

Launch of amended Constitution07/29/2015

AWN’s Constitution is developed in the light of Article - 35 of Afghanistan Constitution endorsed in (2003), and it is also based on the Non-Government Organizations Law. This Constitution has been endorsed in Five Chapters and 38 Articles for the purpose of organizational structure and activities of the Afghan Women’s Network. The overall goal of this constitution is:

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Based on the coordination meeting held at with female nominated minsters,03/31/2015

Based on the coordination meeting held at with female nominated minsters, they have declared their future agendas as follow:
Miss. Dilbar Nazari

  •  Establishment of research and investigation committee including MPs members, leadership of the MOWA and representatives of CSOs
  • Arrangement of provincial tours for identifying and addressing basic problems before women 
  • Efforts to [--]read more

Afghan Women Envision Better Afghanistan Post 201412/05/2014

Position Paper on the occasion of London Conference on Afghanistan 

Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. The recent transfer of political power from former president Hamid  Karzai  to  President  Mohammad  Ashraf  Ghani,  signing  of  the  Bilateral  Security Agreement  (BSA)  betwe [--]read more

Women’s Rights and Empowerment: Setting the Agenda Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) Symposium, Oslo11/23/2014

A Long Decade of Progress 

There has been remarkable progress in the lives of Afghan women over the last long decade, with a number of legal reforms, new policies, and practical measures set forth to advance women’s rights and uality of life. Over the past few years, 28% of Afghan parliament seats have been filled by women. School enrolment of Afghan girls [--]read more

NATO Shadow Summit, Wales London 201410/10/2014

Will be held in the near future ...

Launch of Monitoring Security Transition Cycle Three09/17/2014

Will be held in the near future....

National Consultation Meeting (London Conference)08/27/2014


National Consultation Meeting to Finalise Women’s Position Paper to the NATO Summit London Conference 2014

The Afghan Women’s Network conducted National Consultation Meeting on 27th August 2014, in Kabul aimed to finalise the women’s suggestions and recommendations to the NATO summit 2014. The consultation meeting col [--]read more

Where women are?07/23/2014

Afghan Women are concerned of their present status in the current political process in the country!
Kabul – Afghanistan
23 July 2014
The continuation of controversies and disputes over the second round of the Presidential Elections process in Afghanistan and news and analysis being published the opinions raised, in one hand has harmed the de [--]read more